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[Erica Lynn Parsons] [Erica Lynn Parsons]
CLICK HERE for Erica Lynn Parsons Timeline
[Erica Lynn Parsons]Erica Lynn Parsons (age 13 b: 02/24/1998) MISSING - Salisbury (Rowan Co.), North Carolina
Missing since December 2011 but not reported missing until July 30, 2013, TWO YEARS later!
Erica was four and a half feet tall, about 85 pounds, brown hair and brown eyes.

Erica Lynn Parsons, 13 years old was reported missing by her brother, James "Jamie" Parsons, age 20. Jamie hadn't seen Erica since November or December 2011. The adopted mother, Casey Parsons said Erica went to live with her paternal biological grandmother, a woman named Irene "Nan" Goodman in Asheville, North Carolina. The Parsons had no address or telephone number where to reach Erica so nobody in the family ever saw Erica again.
Call if you have Information: Rowan County Sheriff's Office (North Carolina) 1-704-216-8700

. Justice Served
[Elaina Steinfurth]
Elaina Steinfurth

18 Months old
Missing 06/02/13
Found 09/06/13
Toledo, Ohio
Reward leading to Elaina Steinfurth
. Justice Waits
[Taylor Robinson]
Taylor Robinson
19 Years Old
Missing 05/03/13
Found 09/11/13
Summit County
Akron, Ohio

Help Find
Taylor Robinson
. Still Missing
[Aliayah Lunsford Missing since September 24, 2011]
Aliayah Lunsford

3 Years Old
Missing 09/24/11
Lewis County
Weston, WV
$20,000 Reward
1-888-755-TIPS (8477)

Missing Flyer
. Still Missing
[Haleigh Cummings, Missing February 10, 2009]

5 Years Old
Missing 02/10/09
Putnam County
Satsuma, Florida
$35,000 Reward
1-888-277-TIPS (8477)

Missing Flyer
. Justice Denied
[Caylee Anthony, Murdered 2008]
Caylee Anthony

3 Years Old
Missing 06/15/08
Found 12/11/08
Orange County
Orlando, Florida
Casey's 31 Days
Detail Timeline

Trial 05/23/2011
Not Guilty
. Still Missing
[Stacy Peterson Missing since October 28, 2007]
Stacy Peterson

23 Years Old
(Mother of two)
Missing 10/28/07
Will County
Bolingbrook, Ill.
Stacy's husband Drew Peterson convicted of 3rd wife, Kathleen Savio's murder 09/06/12
. Justice Waits
[Paige Birgfeld Missing since June 28, 2007]
Paige Birgfeld

34 Years Old
(Mother of Three)
Missing 06/28/07
Mesa County
Grand Junction
Remains Found
Delta County
Wells Gulch Co

. Still Missing
[Lisa Stebic Missing April 30, 2007]
Lisa Stebic

37 Years Old
(Mother of Two)
Missing 04/30/07
Will County
Plainfield, Illinois
Family Website
Help Us Find Lisa

$75,000 reward
Crime Stoppers
(800) 323-6734
. Still Missing
[Bradley Olsen, 26, male, white, Missing since: Jan. 19, 2007 at Bar One in DeKalb, With information: Call DeKalb Police at 815-748-8400 or DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office at 815-895-2155 ($50,000 reward)]
Bradley Olsen

26 Years Old
(Father of One)
Missing 01/19/07
DeKalb County
DeKalb, Illinois
$50,000 Reward
DeKalb County
Sheriff’s Office

Missing Flyer
. No Justice
[Bobbie Daniel]
Bobbie Daniel

33 Years Old
(Mother of One)
Murdered 01/02/88
Blaine County
Watonga, OK
Terry Daniel
Arrested 07/15/94
12 Years Later!
Trial 10/16/2000
Not Guilty 10/25/2000
. Waiting Trial
[Etan Kalil Patz]
Etan Kalil Patz
6 Years Old
Missing 05/25/79
Lower Manhattan
New York, NY
Pedro Hernandez
Arrested 05/24/12
Indicted 11/14/12

Waiting Trial:
. Found Alive !
[Michelle Knight]
Michelle Knight
21 Years Old
Missing 08/22/02
Cleveland, Ohio
Found 05/06/13
11 yrs Captivity
Ariel Castro
Arrested 05/06/13
Trial 08/01/13
(Life + 1000 yrs)
Suicide 09/03/13
. Found Alive !
[Amanda Berry]
Amanda Berry
16 Years Old
Missing 04/21/03
Cleveland, Ohio
Found 05/06/13
10 yrs Captivity
Ariel Castro
Arrested 05/06/13
Trial 08/01/13
(Life + 1000 yrs)
Suicide 09/03/13
. Found Alive !
[Gina DeJesus]
Gina DeJesus
14 Years Old
Missing 04/02/04
Cleveland, Ohio
Found 05/06/13
9 yrs Captivity
Ariel Castro
Arrested 05/06/13
Trial 08/01/13
(Life + 1000 yrs)
Suicide 09/03/13

[JonBenet Ramsey] Internet Subculture and the JonBenet Ramsey Murder Case

[Learn more about Ramsey broken pledges to the JonBenet Children's Foundation]
[JonBenet Ramsey]
Click HERE for Archive History on the JonBenet Ramsey Case

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. Still Missing
[Rachel Cooke]
Rachel Cooke
20 Years Old
Missing 01/10/02
Georgetown, Texas
Help Bring
Rachel Home

[Rachel Cooke]
Missing Flyer
. Still Missing
[Lucely 'Lilly' Aramburo Missing (Miami, Florida) since 06/02/2007. Her boyfriend, Christen Robert Pacheco claimed she walked out of the apartment in her PJ's and nobody has seen her since !]
Lilly Amamburo
24 Years Old
Missing 06/02/07
Miami, Florida

Justice in Miami BlogSpot
Facebook Link
[Lucely 'Lilly' Aramburo]
Missing Flyer
. Still Missing
Kyron Horman
7 Years Old
Missing 06/04/10
Portland, Oregon

Bring Kyron Home
Facebook Bring Kyron Home
Missing Flyer
. Still Missing
[John Spira]
John Spira
45 Years Old
Missing 02/23/07
DuPage Co, Ill

Family Website
For John Spira

[John Spira]
Missing Flyer
. Still Missing
[Madeleine was abducted on 3rd May 2007 in Praia da Luz, Portugal, 9 days before her 4th birthday]
Madeleine McCann
3 Years Old
Missing 05/03/07

Official Website
Madeleine McCann Facebook
[Madeleine McCann]
Missing Flyer
. Killer Not Found
[Anthony Scott Arcaro]
Scott Arcaro
37 Years Old
Missing 02/22/07
(DuPage) Lisle, ILL
Body Found in Woodridge, Ill

[Anthony Scott Arcaro]
Missing Flyer
. No Justice
[April Tinsley]
April Tinsley
8 Years Old
Abducted 04/01/88
Allen County
Fort Wayne, IN
Found 3 days later raped, murdered Dekalb County

Family Facebook:
April Marie Tinsley

Justice Served
[Byrd and Melanie Billings]
Byrd Billings
Melanie Billings

Byrd, age 66
Melanie, age 43
(Parents of 16)
Murdered 07/09/09
Escambia County
Buelah, Florida

Detailed Trial Timelines HERE

Justice Served
[Abraham Shakespeare Missing since April 2009]
Abraham Shakespeare

42 Years Old
Murdered 04/06/09
Found 01/28/10
Polk County
Lakeland, Florida
Dee Dee Moore
Arrested 02/02/10
Guilty 12/10/2012
Sentenced to Life without parole

Justice Served
[Rosa Lisowski Missing Monday, March 24, 2008 - Point Loma (Rosa Lisowski Murdered]
Rosa Lisowski

48 Years Old
Murdered 03/24/08
Point Loma, CA
Rosa's Husband:
Henry Lisowski
Arrested 09/05/08
Trial 02/08/10
Guilty 03/02/10
Henry Lisowski
Suicide 03/25/10

Justice Served
[Kimberly Vaughn and her three children all killed in Channahon Township, Will County Illinois]
Vaughn Family

Kimberly, age 35
Cassandra, age 12
Abagail, age 11
Phillip, age 8
Murdered 06/14/07
Oswego, Illinois
Husband & Father
Vaughn found
Guilty 09/20/2012
Life in Prison

Justice Served
[Yana Huss, Murdered April 25, 2007]
Yana Huss

31 Years Old
(Mother of Two)
Murdered 04/25/07
Charlotte County
Port Charlotte, FL
Yana's Husband:
Scott Huss
Arrested 04/25/07

Trial 11/29/2010
Guilty 12/04/2010
Life Sentence

Justice Served
[Kathleen Savio]
Kathleen Savio

40 Years Old
(Mother of Two)
Murdered 03/01/04
Bolingbrook, Illinois

Drew Peterson
Arrested 05/07/09
Hearsay Trial 01/19/2010
Murder Trial 07/31/2012
Guilty 09/06/2012

Justice Served
[Maria Ridulph, age 7 murdered in Sycamore, Illinois, De Kalb County]
Maria Ridulph

7 Years Old
Missing 12/03/57
Found 04/26/58
DeKalb County
Sycamore, Illinois
Body exhumed 07/27/11
Jack Daniel McCullough Arrested 06/29/11
Trial 09/10/12
Guilty 09/14/12

Justice Served
[Theresa Parker]
Theresa Parker
Murdered 03/21/07
Found 09/22/10
Lafayette, GA
Sam Parker
Arrested 02/04/08
Guilty 09/03/09
Life Sentence

Theresa Parker Case Link


[Taylor Robinson - Akron, Ohio]

Human remains found in park identified as Taylor Robinson

Posted: Sep 11, 2013 1:49 PM EST
Updated: Sep 11, 2013 2:05 PM EST

The Summit County Medical Examiner's Office has positively identified the remains found in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park as Taylor Robinson, the 19-year-old who went missing from Akron in May.

Additional examination of the remains, including anthropologic examination will need to take place prior to the determination of the cause and manner of death of Robinson.

Human remains were found by hikers in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Brecksville Monday. The remains were found in a remote area off a trail.

The FBI Evidence Response Team conducted a search of the park on Tuesday morning, and say the bones were part of a human skull and jaw.

Women's clothing was also found.

Robinson, of East Archwood Avenue, was last seen on May 3 when she was dropped off at a residence in the 700 block of Kipling Avenue for her job as a home health care aide.

[Elaina Steinfurth - Toledo, Ohio]

Steven King tells Toledo Police where to find Elaina Steinfurth remains

by Chris Delcamp
Posted: 09.06.2013 at 7:26 PM

EAST TOLEDO, OH -- "A quick list of some of the people involved in the case of missing toddler Elaina Steinfurth include Julie King, the mother of Steven King, who says her son pointed authorities to the girl's body.

Steven King is the ex-boyfriend of Angela Stenifurth, Elaina's mother.

Julie owns the Federal St. house where baby Elaina was last seen, and where Steven lived before being arrested on a charge of obstructing justice. The home is also where Angela was temporarily staying, along with her two children, prior to Elaina's disappearance.

Toledo Police have confirmed that "immature human remains" were removed from the garage located behind the house on 704 Federal St. during a search Thursday. The family of Steven King tell WNWO that police found the remains because Steven, while in custody, told them exactly where to look.


"The family members of Steven King tell WNWO that Steven told police that the box containing the remains of Elaina was located in a small loft in the rafters of the garage. "It was located near the far corner of that garage under quite a bit of other boxes, trash and things of that nature," said another officer at the press conference."


Steven's family said they got word Wednesday from Steven's attorney, that he was going to be giving police new information in the case. After a brief court appearance Thursday morning, Steven spent quite some time at police headquarters. He had apparently been working on a plea deal before giving out any of the information of the whereabouts of Elaina."

[Taylor Robinson - Akron, Ohio]

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NEVER FORGET September 11, 2001

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